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New nano-fibre technology exceeds all expectations

Advanced nano-fibre technology exclusively developed by Cummins has been proven to dramatically extend oil drain intervals, improve overall efficiency and decrease the total cost of ownership on a number of leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machinery and equipment that operate in the harsh South African mining conditions. The latest breakthrough from the company’s filtration division is the Fleetguard FH239 Series Industrial Pro diesel fuel filtration system and all-in-one fuel/water separator, which was launched locally in February 2015 at the Mining Indaba, following successful trial runs at mine sites over an 18-month period.

According to Cummins Fleetguard Technical Sales Manager Gerald Annandale, the product has been tested at numerous mine sites across South Africa on various machinery – exceeding all expectations.

“In line with ISO 4406 cleanliness standards, fuel must be inspected in laboratory conditions to determine its cleanliness before it is discharged. The minimum level is 18/16/13, although mining operations prefer 16/14/12. During extensive testing, the Fleetguard FH239 Series Industrial Pro diesel fuel filtration system achieved its objective of 12/9/6, before eventually going down to an incredible 10/9/5. This is the cleanest fuel I have ever seen, which will prove highly-beneficial to machine productivity,” Annandale remarks.

Cummins tested 200, 250 and 300-ton trucks operating on different coal mines. The objective was to achieve 1, 000 hour service intervals, as many mines were only achieving between 250 and 750 hours. Annandale reveals that the product comfortably got to 1, 000 hours for all filtration, and even achieved 2600 hours on one truck at first stage filtration. According to Annandale, a traditional engine has a 25, 000-hour life expectancy before a total rebuild is required. “This new technology can extend this number to over 33000 hours. This results in greater productivity, less money spent on labour, while downtime for servicing is also reduced.”

This is a major benefit for mining operations, which are constantly looking to minimise costs in an efficient manner as a result of the ongoing pressure being placed on commodities. Another major advantage of the FH239 filtration system is that it is more cost-effective than its tried-and-trusted predecessor, the FH234. In addition to being cheaper to purchase and install, the single element FH239 is also more user-friendly and convenient than the FH234, which comes standard with triple elements.

The FH239 provides easy maintenance with its self-priming port. By simply spinning off the cap, users can pour in fuel and restart the engine with clean, filtered fuel. The clear cover tells users when not to change their filter and offers a window into the system to see fuel condition and flow. This is Cummins’ patented ‘Seeing-is-Believing’ technology, which offers superior effectiveness in removing water and contaminants from the fuel system, while ensuring that filters can be changed within a matter of minutes.

Dry filter changes can be completed by simply draining fuel below the collar and replacing. The design also ensures that there are no hazardous fuel spills either. The Cummins Fleetguard FH239 Series Industrial Pro diesel fuel filtration system and all-in-one fuel/water separator is ideally-suited to primary, secondary and ancillary mining machinery. “This innovative product can assist mining operations in achieving considerable cost savings and improved efficiency in unrivalled turnaround times,” Annandale concludes.  

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