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Revolutionising safety and efficiency in the packaging and food Industry with Innovative electrical solutions

For over 70 years, the MARECHAL ELECTRIC Group has been a trailblazer in the field of industrial electrical equipment, showcasing unparalleled expertise in Low Voltage electrical connection systems. Established in 1952, this French family-owned enterprise has evolved into a global leader, catering to industries requiring top-notch solutions, and notably excelling in environments laden with challenges such as harsh environments and explosive atmospheres.

Unmatched Expertise

With a strong foundation in manufacturing low voltage electrical connectors ranging from 5A to 1250A, MARECHAL ELECTRIC has been a reliable partner for industries that demand safety, durability, and energy efficiency. This commitment extends to their TECHNOR® brand, which delivers electrical solutions tailored for potentially explosive atmospheres. The company’s workforce of around 500 individuals worldwide encompasses research and development, manufacturing, and commercial expertise, ensuring excellence at every stage.

Pioneering Electrical Safety and Compliance

MARECHAL ELECTRIC is also renowned for its steadfast commitment to electrical safety. The acquisition of Technor in 2013 bolstered the company’s position as a market leader in industrial and ATEX environment electrical safety. Rigorous compliance with safety standards and the company’s dedication to IEC and IECEx ensure the superior quality and performance of their technologies.

Sustainable Commitment and Value Creation

MARECHAL ELECTRIC’s dedication to commitment and value creation is evident through its team of professionals who continuously innovate to meet customer needs. This commitment to excellence extends to an eco-friendly approach, ensuring measurable paybacks throughout a product’s lifecycle. From purchase to maintenance, MARECHAL ELECTRIC’s solutions not only enhance operational efficiency but also contribute to a greener planet by minimising waste and pollution.

Innovative Technology Meets Hygiene

Introducing a groundbreaking advancement, MARECHAL ELECTRIC’s technology now comes with an added layer of protection. The incorporation of AG+ silver ions in the new poly handles provides an effective shield against bacterial growth. This innovation holds significant implications for industries like food processing, where contamination risks are high. The technology’s durability, compliance with biocide regulations, and robust mechanical performance underscore its effectiveness in maintaining a hygienic environment.

A Legacy of Excellence

With its rich history spanning decades, MARECHAL ELECTRIC Group has solidified its reputation as a purveyor of top-tier electrical solutions. Over the years, the company has amassed patents, design models, and product certificates, driven by a commitment to continuous research and development. The company’s culture of collaboration and innovation, ensures a seamless experience for partners, customers, and employees alike.

A Future Built on Quality

The company’s commitment to quality is reflected in its ISO certifications across multiple manufacturing sites. ISO 9001 standards are upheld with the objective of enhancing processes, maintaining high-quality manufacturing, and ensuring the training and motivation of employees.

In conclusion, MARECHAL ELECTRIC Group stands as a beacon of excellence, offering innovative electrical solutions that redefine safety and efficiency in industries where uncompromising quality is a prerequisite. With a rich history, a global presence, and an unyielding commitment to advancement, MARECHAL ELECTRIC continues to shape a future where technology, safety, and sustainability converge for a brighter tomorrow.

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