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Capetonians will soon enjoy the ultra-convenience of vending machines dispensing LPGas!

GAZ2GO outlets will be manufactured in South Africa creating much needed jobs…

SOON the endless days spent hunting Cape Town for LPGas to keep the family warm, put hot food on the table and provide lighting to see by will be a frustration of the past. Handigas has long since been the go-to gas for many a braai master and homeowner to combat load shedding. 

Now, Afrox has partnered with SLI Investments to bring the first LPGas vending machines to the South African market.

“Today’s customers are looking for quick and convenient accessibility to whatever product they are purchasing, and LPGas is no exception,” said Afrox’s Trevor Boshoff, business manager, LPG Handigas. 

Operating under the brand name GAZ2GO, the fully automated vending machines will offer convenient and safe access to LPGas 24/7, 365 days a year. 

“Afrox is excited to extend this initiative from SLI Investments to offer customers a more accessible and modern way of obtaining LPGas for heating, cooking, and outdoor leisure purposes,” said Boshoff.  

“The process will be as simple as swiping your card to make payment, then placing your empty cylinder, if you have one, in one of the lockers, and taking a full cylinder from another locker. The entire process should take no longer than a minute.”

GAZ2GO intends to position the vending machines at malls, shopping centres and garage forecourts. At the core of the vending machines is sophisticated software that will facilitate live monitoring to ensure restocking as required. Each vending machine is fully compliant with LPgas regulations and can hold up to 27 full cylinders. 

Boshoff says that SLI Investments approached Afrox in 2022 after seeing similar vending machines in Europe, with the objective of developing a unit that would be suitable for the African market. 

Over the last year and a half, Afrox has been providing SLI Investments with guidance regarding storage, transportation, and safe usage of LPGas, ensuring that the vending machines meet with LPGSA’s gas safety standards. Once in service, Afrox will supply the LPGas for the vending machines in the form of 9kg Handigas cylinders. 

Wayne Barr, director SLI Investments, said the demand for alternative energy sources in the country is at an all-time high, and GAZ2GO vending machines will give retailers the opportunity to sell LPGas to their customers as part of their overall offering. 

“Retailers will have the advantage of offering their customers a more convenient, easier and quicker way of buying their LPGas, even outside of their operating hours,” said Barr. 

“The vending machines will be positioned at retailers’ premises and can be easily linked into their existing energy and security infrastructure, as the plug-and-play units only require an electric outlet and a one-car parking space.”

Stock levels will be monitored via the software which will be co-ordinated by GAZ2GO back offices. “These offices will be managed by graduates as part of a graduate programme to create employment opportunities for the youth.”

The GAZ2GO vending machines will be manufactured in South Africa with a delivery time of approximately 60 days. The first units will be available in the Western Cape before being rolled out in Gauteng and the rest of the country. 

For more information contact:  Trevor Boshoff at Afrox on

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