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Status of Biogas in South Africa

From Alberto Borello, Former Secretary General of SABIA 

A review conducted by SABIA (SA Biogas Industry Association) in 2022 indicated that during the period 2022/early-2023, the electricity demand in South Africa has increased by 20% than the current generation capacity leading to ESKOM’s decision to institute progressive Stage 6-Loadshedding throughout the country. In February 2023, the government declared a state of disaster and nominated the Minister of Electricity, to tackle the electricity crisis. The small-medium and large international enterprises, communities, and governments are looking for immediate solutions to generate electricity and satisfy the energy demand.

Alberto Borello, Former Secretary General, Southern Africa Biogas Industry Association (SABIA)

The biogas industry has competitive, ready-to-deploy technologies to produce power with the benefit of reducing GHG emissions essential to combat global warming responsible for climate change, using organic waste. Biogas technology is easily scalable and can be installed to produce energy (electricity or methane for cooking) at the household level up to large food-processing industrial installations that can generate many MWh of energy.

For the past five years, SABIA, in collaboration with many national and international partners, has promoted initiatives to create frameworks to enable projects and attract up to R250-billion of investments. These initiatives include the development of new legislation for the management of organic waste, new tools to evaluate investments in biogas, the characterization of various feedstocks, CPD-accredited training, market analysis, and the organization of several conferences, webinars, and workshops.

At their full potential, AD and biogas can deliver a 15% cut in South Africa’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Together with wind, solar, and the transition from coal and oil to natural gas, the biogas industry can transform and expand quickly without any dramatic rise in energy costs.

Decarbonising the South African economy is essential to protecting the environment, growing the economy, and addressing energy security.

The future in South Africa will be greener than ever and you can be part of the transition supporting SABIA. To join the association, please visit

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