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SAPPMA points out the need to invest in water and sewage at AGM

THE potential negative consequences of inadequate investment in infrastructure, especially when it comes to providing reliable water supply and sewage disposal was highlighted at the Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers (SAPPMA)  19th AGM in November.

During the meeting, SAPPMA CEO Jan Venter, pointed out the pivotal role of the plastics pipe industry in Southern Africa, especially in the areas of water supply and sewage disposal.

“For years SAPPMA has been making public statements that the impact of unreliable water supply and sewage disposal could be vastly more uncomfortable than going without electrical power for a few hours a day (as bad as that is). We seem to be getting very close to this scenario,” noted Venter.

He further pointed out the challenges arising from insufficient government expenditure, leading to a double curse of disservice to citizens and injustice to the capital-intensive manufacturing sector.

The need for sustainable gross margins, capital investment, and long-term progress to ensure the industry’s viability was also highlighted. 

Amid these tough trading conditions, Venter provided a comprehensive overview of SAPPMA’s achievements in the past year, focusing on standards, quality, technical support, marketing, and training. Despite the challenges, the plastic pipe association demonstrated its commitment to maintaining high industry standards and adapting to increasing complexity.

“There is a marked and continued increase in complexity in this industry due to increasing competitiveness, focus on quality, and technical development. We now have 124 national standards listed on our website,” he remarked.

SAPPMA members were thanked for their cooperation as the importance of an objective, knowledgeable, and representative organisation in the plastics pipe industry was emphasized. 

“With your ongoing support, we will continue to fulfil our mission to create consumer confidence in the plastic pipe industry and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the industry with top-quality piping systems,” Venter concluded.

SAPPMA is a leading industry association committed to ensuring the highest standards in the plastic pipe sector. 

With a focus on quality, technical development, and industry representation, SAPPMA plays a crucial role in promoting consumer confidence and sustainability in the plastics pipe industry.

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