Pomerol-Partners opens in South Africa

Pomerol-Partners Management team

There is a big data revolution happening worldwide. Currently, it is turning the methods that successful companies utilise to collect and analyse data, on their head. Pomerol-Partners is a strategic business intelligence consultancy that has been operating from the United Kingdom and the USA, with fingers now stretching into Europe and beyond. We are at the coalface of this data revolution and are now opening an office in Cape Town.

In a short period of time, Pomerol has become a trusted partner for a number of global brands and firms that are leaders in their industry. Pomerol specialises in Pharma, Investment Banking and heavy industrial / manufacturing reporting environments. We are recognised solution partners with Qlikview UK and have a number of strategic partnerships with emerging software and analytical data platform providers. A key skill is Pomerols’ SAP analytics capabilities, as demonstrated by having their CTO present a key speaker session at the upcoming global Qlikview Connections summit.

The three chief Pomerol Partners are all South Africans, and along their journey to creating a diverse consultancy, they have never lost sight of the talent and opportunities that lie in South Africa. As a result of this, it was a moot decision to open an office in the Mother City. Pomerol knows that Cape Town offers a unique opportunity to acquire high quality skills that will be able to contribute to the global consultancy skill set, whilst at the same time residing in a time zone that can assist the Group with its client base in both North America and Europe. Our new Bree Street office will also become the hub for our growing African business.

Pomerol South Africa is starting off with three employees that will be trained and skilled by our current staff from the UK and USA offices. Our intention is to strive, quickly and efficiently, to a full-time staff of 25 South African consultants with-in a three year period. We are positive about the skills and opportunities in South Africa, and firmly believe that an office in SA will be mutually beneficial to both the SA economy, and The Pomerol group. Exciting times ahead!