Energy transition for C&I customers top of the list at Enlit Africa

Enlit Africa

THE global energy sector has seen significant developments over the past 24 months – not only has the world been adapting to the realities of life with COVID-19, but the trajectory of climate change discussion has changed. Multiple countries around the world are aiming for NetZero emissions between 2040-2050 and calls for Africa to fast track its energy transition are on the increase.

However, the energy transition is not just affecting utilities – it is also impacting commercial and industrial entities in a way that deserves attention. Specifically, we are talking about the tectonic shift from being mere consumers of energy to becoming producers of that same energy. As the role of ‘prosumers’ (a producer-consumer) in South Africa is gaining ground, there are important questions to be answered – around the role of storage, technology, legal and regulatory requirements and how to get started. We plan on bringing this important conversation to the table at Enlit Africa, exploring self-generation and storage in mining, agriculture, commerce, industry and even in municipal circles.

More broadly, the realities of Africa in transition need to be considered and carefully planned to avoid a multitude of challenges. These include not adding to the debt burden of African countries in order to meet climate ambitions; and recognition that as the continent that contributes the least to global emissions, Africa is in a unique position to ask for meaningful financial and technical contributions from the international community.

The benefits of international commitment to climate change were seen during COP26 when it was announced that South Africa would be the recipient of contributions and commitments exceeding $8 billion, enabling the country to transition from a predominantly coal-based generation sector. The keynote session at Enlit Africa this year will focus on how this money is going to be disbursed, where the spend will be focused and discussing with the parties the agreement the timelines and objectives of the deal.

However, we believe this is just the beginning of a larger conversation around the greater African energy transition and how this will be financed and implemented, and how access to energy is one of the fundamental foundational elements of this transition.

From generation to transmission to distribution, from Cape Town to Cairo, Enlit Africa has something for everyone.

Join us from 7-9 June in Cape Town and be part of the conversation. Share your thoughts on the fair and sustainable energy transition, ensuring access to energy for all.

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