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Carlisle’s next-generation friction materials

NEW friction materials deliver innovative, high-energy formulations to meet the market needs. 

Carlisle’s N680 friction material is designed for extreme thermal stress clutch applications and demonstrates a high coefficient of friction, high thermal capacity, superior noise reduction and resistance to separator plate hot spotting. N680 is suitable for the most demanding noise-sensitive slipping and shifting clutch applications and can be used in brakes with proper density adjustment.

EPD468 and EPD824 friction materials demonstrate a high capacity for energy absorption and the ability to hold up to abusive conditions in even the harshest Off-Highway environments.

Designed specifically for transmission applications, Carlisle’s EPD468 is proven to last four times longer than the previous industry-leading materials. Carlisle’s EPD824 material provides system design teams with the option to increase power output without adjusting system size, and the ability to reduce system component sizing without sacrificing system power output. Additionally, EPD824 can be used equally in transmissions and brakes, thanks to its versatility and superior heat and power resistance.

  • Superior energy capacity
  • Can withstand abuse conditions longer even than carbon wooden materials, while maintaining friction characteristics
  • Superior NVH characteristics damping squawk and shudder vibrations
  • Designed for superior performance in both transmission and brake applications
  • Available in a variety of friction thicknesses and oil groove patterns

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