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KE Series Motor Protection Relay

“Introducing the Remarkable KE Series Motor Protection Relay: Elevating Motor Safety and Performance”

Step into the future of motor protection with the cutting-edge KE Series Motor Protection Relay – an innovation that sets new standards in safeguarding your switchgear. 

Engineered to cater to diverse applications such as conveyors, compressors, crushers, fans, and pumps, these relays redefine reliability by offering an array of customizable protection features.

Navigating through the advanced functionalities of the KE Series Relay is a seamless experience, thanks to its intuitive man-to-machine interface or the convenience of configuring via computer using the complimentary setup software. Selecting the optimal protection settings has never been more user-friendly.

Among its arsenal of safeguarding capabilities are thermal overload protection, earth insulation lockout, earth leakage and short-circuit protection. 

This dynamic range is further enhanced with features like frequency and power factor measurement, culminating in a comprehensive shield for your motors. The impressive capacity to store up to 2000 event records and 60 recent fault records establishes the KE Series Relay as a global benchmark in protection systems.

Real-time insights into power utilization become accessible through its Power Measurement functionalities, providing both real and apparent power readings. This empowers you with the ability to monitor power consumption trends over extended periods, ensuring optimal operational efficiency.

The KE Series Relay seamlessly integrates with an external Profibus communication unit, allowing easy access to all its features and data. Enhancing its capabilities are supplementary accessories including the door-mounted KE-FLED unit for clear visual indications, the Remote Programming Unit (RDU-420) for convenient remote management, and a portable HMI unit featuring an infrared link for versatile connectivity.

Elevate your machinery’s safety and performance with the unmatched prowess of the KE Series Motor Protection Relay. It’s not just a relay; it’s your gateway to a world of enhanced motor protection and operational excellence.”

Features Include: 

  • Thermal Overload Protection 
  • Locked Rotor Protection 
  • Running Start Stall / Jam Protection 
  • Vectorial Stall Detection 
  • Unbalanced Current / Single Phasing 
  • Minimum Load / Underload Protection 
  • Earth Leakage / Earth Fault Protection 
  • Short-circuit Protection 
  • Starts per Hour Limitation 
  • Over / Undervoltage / Phase Rotation 
  • Over / Under Frequency Protection 
  • Real & Apparent Power Measurement 
  • Insulation Lock-out 
  • 2000 Event Records 
  • 60 Last Fault Records 
  • Three-Phase Current Recorder 
  • On-Board Simulator 
  • Profibus Communication 
  • All settings done via configuration software on PC + Laptop or RDU 420
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