Bathroom design innovation

Those contemplating building their own home or simply renovating one of the most important rooms in the house – the bathroom – should take notice of the latest award winning design technology from Viega – a wall mounted shower drain. This hi-tech innovation is the modern alternative to the ugly central drain that has been with us for decades, adding style and timeless architecture for the most discerning of tastes.

Viega, which pioneered the Advantix Vario shower floor drainage channel, says it has now gone one better by offering a concealed wall mounted unit in an extremely narrow, prize-winning design that brings all the advantages of the floor unit to the wall.

Advantix Vario wall drain offers completely flexible installation that allows water to drain away over the complete width of the shower. With an installation depth of just 25mm, the new drain can even be used in front of an existing solid wall. This makes it ideal for small bathrooms and the clever design allows floor tiling right up to the wall leaving a drain which disappears subtly into the wall.

When installed, only a 20mm high drainage gap can be seen of the complete unit including its odour trap. This can be even further reduced in terms of appearance using a grate which is available in four designs, matt stainless steel, gloss stainless steel, black or white, catering for any decorating combination.

The base plate of the shower channel is made from extremely durable plastic requiring an installation depth of just 25mm. This allows Advantix Vario wall drain to be fitted into a pre-wall or used in front of a solid brick wall: The plaster thickness or an XPS hard foam panel is often enough for its installation. This makes chiselling work unnecessary, meaning the brickwork is not affected.

With the innovative wall attachment, the sound insulation guidelines in accordance with DIN 4109 and VDI 4100 are also complied with through the simple “click” assembly.

The Advantix Vario wall drain has a standard length of 1,200mm and like the familiar Advantix Vario floor shower channel it can be accurately shortened up to a length of 300mm as needed. To do this, a saw support is included in the delivery kit along with a tiler’s set with all the necessary installation and sealing materials. To prevent contamination during the installation phase, the flange surfaces are protected with adhesive strips and the drainage slot with a foam insert.

Depending on the installation circumstances, two drain designs are available: for bathroom renovations with a height of 70mm and the standard 90mm model for properties with a higher floor structure, which can be flexibly increased to 165mm. Water drains along the entire length of the wall drain and a floor inclination of 1% to 2% is all that is needed. It is no longer necessary to laboriously cut to size the sloping tiles. The drainage capacity is between 0.6 and 0.75ℓ/s in accordance with DIN EN 1253. The connectors can be rotated by 360 degrees in DN 40 or DN 50.

The odour trap of the Advantix Vario wall drain is optimised in terms of flow and designed to be self-cleaning as a result. For simple and hygienic cleaning of the channel body in the wall, a cloth and cleaning brush is all you need and are included in the delivery kit.