Horizon Capital achieves 0% vacancy across its managed portfolios

Horizon Capital Asset Management team members Craig Martin, Lara Schenk, Leigh Victor and Henri de Wet.

Property, the asset class of choice for many on their wealth creation journey, requires active management in order to maximise return. Failure to assign a dynamic, experienced and well-connected management company would likely result in the emergence of vacancies, escalating operating costs and sub-standard rentals, particularly in challenging economic climates, ultimately leading to poor asset performance.

Horizon Capital has celebrated 0% vacancy across its managed portfolio since July 2016, a significant achievement amidst the 7.8% vacancy rate prevailing in the comparable Cape Town commercial office market. Active asset management has ensured that Horizon Capital’s high net worth clients are well positioned to weather any potential oversupply which may result as business confidence declines and lacklustre economic growth continues.

Horizon Capital’s success lies, in part, to the swift manner in which its asset management team respond to changing market conditions as well as its effective and comprehensive marketing of upcoming vacancies through numerous channels including print, online media and an extensive network of commercial property brokers.