Parklands north security enclave on track

A diagram outlining the security perimeter fence and the positions of the cameras at roads providing access to the enclave.

The Aska Sales team report that following a “record breaking 2014,” the first half of 2015 showed no respite. During the first 6 months of the financial year, commencing March, just short of R200m worth of residential sales were recorded. More than 100 sales were recorded during March alone.

“Notwithstanding these sales and the high volumes experienced to date, the team were blown away by the response to the launch of Parklands Phase 14D ‘the Security Enclave.’ This phase represents an opportunity to provide a level of security without huge costs to the owners,” said Dave Macleod-Elliott, Sales Director at Aska.

In Phase 14D, an opportunity exists to create an enclave, which will respond to the needs of increased security with costs only applicable to such security, and to a level of security to be ultimately determined by the residents.

The enclave will have its own management company to look after the security measures installed. Pam Golding Property Management Services have been appointed as the property management company, with its objectives being to ensure that the electrical fencing and camera installation, provided by the Milnerton Estates Aska Joint Venture, is well maintained and remains functional.

Whilst there is no monthly levy payable to the Parklands Home Owners Association, there will be a joining levy of R2,000 for purchasers in the security enclave and monthly contributions payable to the Parklands North Security Enclave Property Owners Association. These costs will be limited to management and running costs of the security measures. This levy has been estimated at R200 per month.

The security measures

The security measures, installed by the Joint Venture, comprise of an electrically charged fence by Fang security infrastructure specialists, erected on a combination of precast/brick/block built walling or palisade fencing extending around the perimeter of the enclave. And cameras will be erected at each of the 6 roads providing access to the enclave. These cameras, with their licence plate recognition ability, will record movement into and out of the enclave. The camera images will be monitored offsite by Astrosec on a 24/7 basis. Astrosec are an accredited SAIDSA control room.

The installation of the cameras and electrified fencing will be undertaken in stages. As each pocket of plots is completed, the security fencing and cameras will be extended around the perimeter of the enclave until the enclave is fully developed and the perimeter secured – thus creating an enclosed environment with cameras at each access point.

The security measures planned here have been endorsed by the Parklands Home Owners Association and the South African Police Services.

“Security to one’s property is paramount. And good security has proven to add value to one’s property. This opportunity together with the opportunity of designing your own home to your requirements is seldom found at values offered here,” said Macleod-Elliott.

With numerous teams of architects, designers and building contractors offering their services in Parklands, this enclave represents the finest opportunity at these prices in Cape Town.

In addition to the 23 landscaped parks and the linear open spaces in Parklands, the enclave will provide a further 3 parks. The roads and parks in the area are maintained by the City of Cape Town. Parklands was launched in 1997 and has subsequently been declared the “fastest residential growth area in the Cape, if not the country”. With the release of this final phase the MEAJV see all sales records being surpassed as they reach the final stages of this exciting development.