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Activating valves with your phone

ROTORK’s IQ3 range is renowned for being one of the most robust and intelligent actuators in the industry and the company have introduced the new IQ3 Pro with full mobile App integration. This evolution enables the continual development of new features that drive digitisation and future-proofing of electric actuation.

The Rotork App provides intelligent control and communication capabilities for the IQ3 Pro and is a handy way to operate and configure the actuators using a smartphone. The new app introduces smart features, including a virtual Rotork Bluetooth® Setting Tool Pro (BTST), a valve configuration setup wizard, which streamlines commissioning and data logs from the IQ3 Pro actuators can be extracted via the App and exported to Rotork Insight 2 software or sent to Rotork’s cloud-based intelligent asset management (iAM) system.

The app features ‘PIN pairing’ between the actuator and the app to gain access. This ensures the security of the installed actuators. Once logged in, a user-friendly dashboard shows the actuator details, and users can easily navigate to all app functions. A virtual setting tool provides full access to the actuator on-screen setup menus, so it is always to hand.

An intuitive valve configuration wizard allows users to streamline the process of commissioning valves. Alternatively, those engineers who are comfortable with commissioning valves can use the built-in manual configuration, which brings all valve and actuator settings into one place.

The data logs function simplifies the process by allowing flexible download, export, and upload. Users can export the data logs to Rotork’s Insight 2 software for further analysis or send them to Rotork’s cloud-based intelligent asset management (iAM) system. The IQ3 Pro data logger can record up to 3 000 events, providing a comprehensive record of actuator performance. The data log files include torque and operation, temperature, vibration, and event log information. Other metrics, such as partial stroke profile, maximum starts per hour, and motor run time, are also available.

Rotork’s Insight 2 is a software application that helps users review, configure, and analyse data logger information for Bluetooth wireless-enabled Rotork actuators. The logged data is time and date stamped and can be viewed event-by-event.

iAM helps businesses manage their intelligent actuators and the flow control equipment they operate. iAM is a robust, safe, and secure platform with a user-friendly interface. It uses colour-coded maps and summary views to simplify complex analytics into easy-to-understand visuals. IAM eliminates the need for manual data review, saving time and reducing asset failures. iAM helps reduce unplanned downtime by using analytics based on data taken from intelligent actuators to create a maintenance plan.

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