Selecting the right pumping solution

Verder Selecting the right pumping solution

A poorly designed pump system can lead to high consumption of power and premature wear or failure of components in the system, as this is not isolated to the pump itself and can impact on instrumentation, piping, valves and ancillary equipment too. Possibly the worst-case scenario being a complete plant stoppage.

Additionally, excessive breakdowns will increase the risk to personnel as emergency repairs will have to be carried out over and above routine planned maintenance. It should also be noted that any of these possible scenarios are guaranteed to increase labour costs and inventory of spare parts, leading to production costs being driven up and therefore increased cost of the product manufactured.

With this in mind, the right pump for the application should be selected based on the following considerations:

  • Chemical compatibility of materials of construction to the product being pumped
  • The pump design or technology should be suitable for the product being transported
  • Suitable pump design for the duty cycle required
  • The pump itself and the system design must allow for efficient operation – that the pump is selected to operate at the best efficiency point on the performance curve
  • The speed of the pump on duty point – and that the pipe work is designed around correct velocities
  • Power supply is adequately sized, and correct switch gear is utilised
  • The correct valves are in the system – and in the correct positions

Navigating the technical details and implications of selecting the right pumping solutions for specific use applications can be complex. However, it is an important purchase decision – as continued and sustainable optimum production performance of the plant is dependent on the longevity of the equipment.

To be assured of the quality of equipment, processors therefore should look to a trusted and reputable brand that can offer a wide range of integrated pumping solutions. And by providing all the necessary information upfront offers added assurance that the pump manufacturer will be able to supply the right solution that is 100% fit-for-purpose for the application, which means more plant uptime, efficiency and high-quality outputs.

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