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Waste management companies urged to get their accreditation in the bag

In its commitment to fostering sustainable waste management practices, the City of Cape Town is urging all waste management companies operating in the city to apply for waste accreditation.

With growing concern over environmental sustainability and the need for responsible waste disposal, the City is taking proactive steps to ensure that waste management companies in the city align with international best practice.

While residential properties generally receive refuse collection from the City, there is also a large private waste management economy in Cape Town that serves many businesses and industries. The administration of an accreditation process that these businesses must follow before they can operate legally helps to ensure that they are managing waste in accordance with legislation.

During the accreditation process, companies will also receive support and guidance from the City of Cape Town in implementing best practices, optimising waste management processes, and staying abreast of the latest developments in the field.

‘Waste accreditation in the City of Cape Town serves as a mark of excellence, demonstrating a company’s adherence to stringent environmental regulations and commitment to sustainable waste management practices.

‘We encourage all those who make use of private service providers for waste management to check on their service providers’ accreditation status to ensure they are doing the right thing. At the end of the day, if waste is dumped irresponsibly it is our families and communities who suffer.

‘By becoming accredited, waste management companies not only enhance their credibility and reputation, but also gain eligibility to bid for municipal tenders,’ said Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Waste Management, Alderman Grant Twigg.

What to know about the accreditation and its process:

  • Sign up online here:
  • View the checklist of information that is needed for your application.
  • Once your application is submitted, you will be notified when it is being reviewed and the date of inspection to follow.
  • It takes between three to four months to complete as each step in the accreditation process must be followed.
  • There is no cost to register.
  • Accreditation is valid for 24 months.

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