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Cummins offers a power ecosystem for IPP’s

By Warrick Gibbens, Power Generation Leader, Cummins Southern Africa

CUMMINS’ sophisticated technologies are designed to support integrated microgrid solutions around the world, from off-grid and remote locations to urban and life-saving applications. Our solutions fully integrate all components of a microgrid, including diesel and natural gas gensets, hydrogen technologies, renewable energy sources, battery storage systems, system level controls, transfer switches, and remote monitoring capabilities.

Microgrids are locally controlled power sources that can integrate multiple energy resources such as diesel, gas, wind, or solar power. Microgrids provide independent power so that when the traditional power grid experiences loadshedding, for example, a microgrid can immediately switch to backup generators and batteries.

The microgrid control allows the components to function as a seamlessly integrated power source so that weather, utility prices, and performance data can be monitored to enable well-informed decisions to assist in keeping costs low and Powering a World That’s Always On™.

The advantages of microgrids are:

  • Resiliency: When one energy source fails, microgrids ensure continuous power by immediately switching to other connected sources.
  • Decarbonisation: Microgrids can incorporate renewable energy sources, offering a practical solution for decarbonisation efforts.
  • Efficiency: Intelligent microgrid controls monitor performance to ensure efficiency. Energy resource technologies, available government incentives and utilities can reduce the total cost of ownership.
  • Flexibility: Modularity caters for changing energy needs with ease by matching the provided power to the needed load.

Cummins’ range of diesel and natural gas generators are suited for all microgrid power generation requirements, ranging from 17 to 3 750 kVA. Advanced Microgrid Controls support multiple configurations and design implementation solutions to adapt to evolving microgrid requirements. With a single interface, this control supports a truly integrated microgrid power system.

PowerCommand Cloud™ is a cloud-based system for to check system status, identify faults, or access critical notifications remotely. Trend data can be accumulated over time to optimise resources, balance loads, and inform decision making to optimise operations.

Cummins works with third-party providers as needed to incorporate battery storage and solar photovoltaic equipment. In addition, it continues to invest in future technologies and products to meet emission requirements around the world, supporting the push for decarbonisation.

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