i-Theft foils PV panel theft 

SOUTH Africa has one of the highest rates of solar panel theft in the world. This is due to several factors, including the high cost of electricity, inflation, high crime rates and a lack of security measures. African residents with solar power systems are now forced to insure and protect their equipment adding extra cost to an already overloaded budget! 

In February 2023, security giant Fidelity ADT warned thatincidents of solar panel theft were on the rise. 

High value installations such as solar systems, boreholes & irrigation systems or any other remote equipment installation are vulnerable to theft. i-Theft fastener design from i-Fab Pty Ltd. have developed a fool proof security system.

How does it work?  

I-Fab utilizes the latest metal additive manufacturing systems to manufacture the ultimate i-Theft (anti-theft and tamper proof) bolting system. 

The system comprises of a bolt and nut with a unique head design and serial number that are both customized per customer.  The system comes with custom bolt and nut drivers that fit standard socket tools and or electric screwdrivers. The bolt and nut are completely tampering proof and can only be fastened or loosened with the customized tool driver. Once installation is complete, the customized driver tools are given to the customer. Each driver and bolt system are issued with a certificate. If the drivers should be lost, they can then be replaced by sending a certified copy of the certificate to I Fab.  

The bolt and nut head features a round head design so it can’t be loosened or tightened with a pair of pliers or other tools. As there are no sharp edges on the head design, eliminating he possibility of using a hammer in conjunction with a sharp object to turn the bolt or nut.  

The system is manufactured in high grade 17/4 stainless steel that is anti-corrosive and features high tensile strength and material hardness (38 MPA Rockwell C). 

Due to the additive manufacturing technique used, bolts and nuts can be manufactured in large or small quantities in any size and specification as required by the customer. 

Using the i-Theft anti-theft and tamper proof system brings peace of mind, ensuring that valuable equipment and installations are secure, helping to decrease insurance premiums and risk profile. 

i-Theft system is 100% proudly South African produced, ensuring superior quality materials, unique AI head design CAD system and no long lead times! 

DON’T get left in the dark by criminals! 

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