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Impower to supply Capitec with cutting-edge solar power system

CAPITEC, has commissioned  EPC solar installation company, Impower, to design, install, and maintain a solar power solution that integrates both solar and an innovative battery backup system.

The design specification to be installed by Impower includes:

  • 715kWp design, merging ballasted and roof mounting structures.
  • The integration of not only a 500/400kWh battery, but the onsite generator as well as the facility’s building management system.
  • An expected yield of 1 154 887kWh in the first year after commissioning and 21 563 939kWh over a 20-year period.

Battery system allows peak lopping

Impower will supply Capitec with an advanced battery backup system that ultimately reduces peak energy costs. 

While conventional battery backup systems typically remain idle until a power outage occurs, this innovative design performs peak-shaving. Capitec will be able to consume energy within peak times whilst simultaneously trimming costs. Further, such designs can be integrated with diesel generators to provide another layer of energy reliability and reduce operational spend on diesel.

Technology advances have lowered the payback time from 7,5 years (2 years ago) to approximately 3 years today. 

Public-private collaboration

Any system greater than 350kW must undergo a grid integration study, which is a systematic framework used to assess a power system with high penetration levels of variable renewable energy (RE).  At 715kW, this project was deemed a candidate for the study and thanks to the timeous and efficient receipt of all the required information from the Stellenbosch Municipality, Capitec’s evaluation was seamlessly and successfully conducted. 

By increasing their dependence on solar as an energy source, this solar project will result in minimising 22 211 tons of CO2 over the lifetime of the project.

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