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Microgrid feeder protection between solar farms and the power grid in both the LV and MV

THE NewFeed Feeder Protection Relay is designed to target Microgrid feeder protection between solar farms and the conventional power grid in both the LV and MV distribution environments.

The NewFeed Relay measures voltage, current, positive, negative and zero sequence, phase angles, power factor, harmonics,  THD and independent earth leakage levels, allowing the implementation of full ANSI protection features for Microgrid feeder protection as well motor protection with multiple curve selections (IEC60255-8, NINV, VINV, EINV, MINV, DT, IT, I2T, I4T) and directional current elements to cater for parallel feeder applications. All housed in a 45mm din rail mounted enclosure with clear descriptive fault , field input and relay output LED indications, with internal fully configurable logic and statistic recordings. 

A range of MV and LV current transformer module blocks (CTMB) caters for different current ranges with easy interfacing to higher current and system voltages using interposing current transformers and voltage transformers, the ratios of which are selectable on the configuration software, catering for the full isolation as well as flexible range settings.  A separate CBCT caters for earth leakage detection.

The NewFeed relay is configurable with the aid of configuration front-end software. The relay has an on-board database with time and date stamped 36 fault records and 940 event records. The configuration software has a full-fledged comprehensive data recorder and spectrum analyser package, which can be used to analyse motor performance or feeder power quality respectively.

Advanced control features and switchgear controller logic, integrating motor and feeder control functions with prestart, close command execution time and continuous breaker state monitoring with load current feedback to detect unauthorised operation or starting as well as breaker failure detection. 

The relay is an IED (Intelligent Electronic Device) with selectable communication protocols Modbus/TCP, PROFINET and IEC61850.  

The relay is South African designed and locally manufacture ISO 9001:2015 compliant. 

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