Renewable energy sources

“Nothing is more environment-friendly than receiving energy directly from the sun. This is our commitment to solar technology.” says Siegbert Lapp, a member of the board of Lapp Holding AG. The fact that we recognised the potential of this market very early on and have built up specialist expertise in this area demonstrates once again the innovative tradition of our company. Our offering ranges from developing tailored products to advising you on planning and conversion matters. After taking into account the full range of operational requirements, LAPP offers a specifically tailored comprehensive range of cables, connectors and photovoltaic accessories for cabling photovoltaic plants – we are the system of choice! In collaboration with users, the TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection) and the North American UL approval organisation, a variety of tests have been carried out on our ÖLFLEX® cables, SOLAR cables, SKINTOP® cable glands and EPIC® SOLAR connectors to guarantee the highest quality standards. Our products can be used throughout the world and naturally also comply with the RoHS directive.

At the world exhibition in Milan, Expo, the German pavilion was grabbing the visitors’ attention with its energy-generating solar trees. These solar trees integrate organic photovoltaics (OPV) technology and, unlike conventional solar modules, are made from flexible, film-integrated OPV modules. The revolutionary connection technology needed to produce these comes from Stuttgart-based LAPP. For over ten years, LAPP has been successfully developing connection systems for photovoltaic modules and has regularly pushed the market forward with its intelligent innovations, for example, the well-known connector system EPIC® SOLAR and the cable series ÖLFLEX® SOLAR. The OPV modules and the innovative connections are made from one cast – unlike with conventional photovoltaic modules, there is no longer a junction box attached; instead, there is a so-called access point that is cast directly onto the flexible OPV film and merges with the film. This method prevents capillary action and therefore also damage due to corrosion. Additionally, the connection components are, at only 30 mm x 20 mm, considerably smaller than those in conventional systems. The cables to be used by the modules were also selected according to customer-specific requirements and are only 2mm wide. They have been produced in grey for use on the German pavilion so that they can be integrated virtually unnoticeably into the grey wire braiding of the design components.

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