Second passport can open investment opportunities and maximise tax efficiency for individuals

Charles Winshaw, CEO of Charles Winshaw

Charles Winshaw (Pty) Ltd has signed terms of business with Arton Capital, which recently opened its doors in South Africa. This development came about because Charles Winshaw (Pty) Ltd has evolved from an international investment specialist company to one that creates family legacies.

Charles Winshaw, CEO of Charles Winshaw (Pty) Ltd, said, “We are thrilled to be doing business with Arton Capital and Jacques Scherman. The beauty of this relationship is that Arton Capital’s product range and global infrastructure is exactly what we needed to be able to assist our clients with fast tracking their dual citizenship.

“Some clients will want the business and lifestyle opportunities offered in the Eurozone, while others prefer the tax efficiency of the so-called ‘tax havens’.  Imagine being able to help families make the dreams, of children or grandchildren, being able to study in another country, without paying international student fees, a reality.”

“Fast tracking dual citizenship can be achieved through investing in property, investment into government bonds or setting up businesses.  The process of obtaining both residency and citizenship can be streamlined into just a few months for certain jurisdictions whereas others take years.”

“The process is obviously very difficult without the help of professionals and unfortunately does not come cheap. Citizenship for a family of four will require an investment of between a few hundred thousand Dollars / Euros to millions of Dollars / Euros.”

“Certain countries require physical residency while in others it can be exempted.”

“I always say ‘why keep all your eggs in one basket?’ The cracks are unfortunately starting to appear in South Africa.  As potholes in roads increase, so do other problems, not only in roadworks but also in electricity, water, financial downgrade and government corruption. Dual citizenship gives your family a second choice!”