Book: The New Manager – How to become a leader in 52 simple steps

Written by Steven Jacobs, Regional Manager ABSA Private Bank, this book is the complete, easy-to-follow handbook for newly appointed leaders.

Wherever there are groups of people employed to fulfil certain tasks, there will be a need for managers to lead them. But how do you cope if you are new to your management position? How do you lead well? What principles must you apply? You need help and you need it fast!

This simple book will:

  • Provide new managers with all the necessary leadership principles to enable them to face their own unique challenges in leading their team
  • Advise new managers on how to get the best out of their staff, as well as out of themselves
  • Equip new managers with the necessary skills to not only manage, but to lead

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In this book, new managers will find solutions to typical challenges by using practical examples of what other leaders have faced in similar situations. As they work through daily issues in 52 easily accessible steps, they will build leadership skills in a concrete and lasting way. At the end of each chapter there are reflection questions to help identify their current leadership approach.

[The New Manager by Penguin Non Fiction]