R1.25m pledge to Caring4Girls initiative

Engen - R1.25m pledge to Caring4Girls initiative

ENGEN and Caring4Girls visited Intsebenziswano Secondary School in Philippi recently, distributing hygiene hampers to 834 learners, ensuring that no school days are missed due to monthly cycles, especially in the build up to the year-end exams.

Courtesy of a R1.25m investment by Engen, 18 084 learners at 37 schools across all nine provinces have received feminine hygiene support to ensure that they approach their monthly cycles with confidence and dignity.

Caring4Girls was founded in response to millions of South African girls missing a significant number of school days per year, or dropping out of school completely, due to feminine hygiene issues.

The initiative provides sanitary packs as well as education around reproductive health.

“We cannot thrive as an inclusive society if some learners are marginalised because they are unable to attend school due to feminine hygiene issues, which is why Engen is proud to once again partner with the Imbumba Foundation and contribute to the meaningful Caring4Girls initiative,” says Engen Managing Director and CEO, Yusa’ Hassan.

Research shows that underprivileged girls in many parts of South Africa miss up to 50 days of school per year due to inaccessible feminine hygiene care.

Imbumba Foundation CEO, Richard Mabaso says that in addition to distributing sanitary towels amongst female learners, Caring4Girls also creates a voice for them.

Caring4Girls provides health education on puberty and adolescence, demystifies menstrual related myths and breaks down societal taboos, whilst promoting positive body literacy and autonomy, as well as gender equality,” he adds.

Mabaso acknowledged Engen for the compassion it has shown towards young girls and for making a generous contribution towards the initiative.

“In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4, Education is a key enabler to transform lives, which is why we at Engen are passionate about the Caring4Girls initiative because it will help uplift and empower female learners through education to reach their full potential.

“By supporting these young girls, we will ensure that that they do not miss school because of their monthly cycles.”

Caring4Girls is endorsed by the Department of Basic Education and focuses on education and training on puberty and menstrual hygiene management, including the safe and environmentally responsible handling, usage and disposal of sanitary towels.

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