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Sliding through time: Lubrication from stone age to modern age

Technical Bulletin 89 (Part 2 of 3)

In part one of Lubrication from Stone Age to Modern Age (WearCheck Technical Bulletin 88), we slid through 5,000 years of lubrication history and left off at the end of the age of enlightenment in the early 1700s. The next leg of our journey finds us smack bang in the middle of the age of revolution, and a cascading series of events that led to the birth of the modern petroleum industry.

We explore both the first industrial revolution (The Age of Steam) and the second one (The Age of Electricity), and discover just how profoundly the people and advancements in these eras shaped the evolution of lubrication.

Along the journey, you will encounter many colourful characters and interesting events in this fascinating period of lubrication history, which incorporates many different countries, including Canada, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, and others.

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