Smart technology the answer to securing corporate SA

Smart technology the answer to securing corporate SA - []

From one break-in per week and one armed robbery per month to just six break-ins in more than two years and no armed robberies during that same period. That’s the incredible success achieved by one leading South African company in securing their business premises after adopting the intuitive smart CCTV technology-enabled security solution from Myertal, SA’s fastest growing offsite CCTV security surveillance monitoring service provider.

Not only were the break-ins successfully detected by Myertal’s cutting edge security system – the first of its kind in South Africa – but each resulted in an arrest. And that was in the presence of significantly reduced onsite security guards, as the Myertal solution, which is highly cost effective in itself, also effectively allowed the company to slash its guarding services and therefore related costs by a third.

This innovative, smart surveillance solution is born out of Myertal’s belief that affordable security is a right not a privilege, and that technology is the answer to securing South Africa.

“The strength of this solution,” explains Myertal CEO, Warren Myers, “is that it is proactive. While other security measures, like physical security guards, only cover parts of a business and are reactive in that they have to be triggered in order to alert security companies to the crime in progress, this solution provides a continuous bird’s eye view of businesses and intuitively detects abnormal activity, relays this to our offsite control room in the form of a video alert, and we’re able to act on that before criminals have accessed the property and any crime has taken place. It is true crime prevention in action.”

Should abnormal activity be detected, a five to 15 second video clip instantly pops up in the Myertal control room, where the threat is assessed and either dismissed or escalated. Through this automated process, the software literally learns which threats are false alarms and which threats are real, and bases all future alerts on this ‘learning’. The software is so sensitive and so accurate, that even at a retail shopping centre with 24/7 surveillance of thousands of people, it is still able to detect loitering and other suspicious behaviour.

Myertal’s offsite CCTV monitored surveillance security solution is around 30% cheaper than conventional guarding and can be 100% customised to suit clients’ needs, with the smart detection technology being integrated into businesses’ existing CCTV systems; cameras being positioned for companies’ individual and specific high-risk areas; and CCTV footage being monitored 24/7 or purely after-hours, depending on the company’s need.

Organisations can contact Myertal on 011440 6291 or  for a no-obligation security assessment of their business premises.