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Maximum power with minimal impact on the environment


Southern Africa urgently needs to break the link between increasing demand for transport and increasing carbon emissions, noise, congestion and road accidents. To support this transition, Scania Southern Africa is launching the Scania V8 770S in South Africa. With improved energy efficiencies, low fuel consumption and decreased carbon emissions, legendary power no longer comes at the expense of the environment.

Powered by a 16-litre Euro 6 compliant, 770hp engine, the Scania V8 770S can haul up to 90 tons. With this output, it will be one of the most powerful trucks on South Africa’s roads. With 3 700 Nm torque and a power take-off (PTO) of 800 Nm, the V8 770S delivers a new benchmark in pulling power. “Tested on a reference slope with a constant 15-kilometre uphill stretch, the V8 770S was so powerful, it had to be reigned in” says Erik Bergvall, Managing Director, Scania Southern Africa. “450 hp trucks loaded with 40 tons struggle at 35/km/h. With the V8 770S, there is a dramatic difference. It can travel twice as fast effortlessly”.

But the Scania V8 770’s real power comes from its sustainability credentials. “The V8 770S is the product of decades of Scania’s world-leading technological breakthroughs,” explains Bergvall. Every single component in the V8 engine started out as a model on a computer. Software development means there is no limit to how many prototypes can be tried before the final one is built and tested. This has allowed for multiple technological updates that have delivered substantial sustainable performance benefits.

The Euro 6-compliant V8 engine significantly improves fuel efficiency. By using less fuel, the V8 770S emits fewer emissions. A lighter engine translates into a weight saving of

75 kilograms. This allows for an optimised payload. “Hauling more cargo in one trip boosts fuel cost efficiencies and productivity while consolidating trips removes emissions from the environment” says Bergvall.  Emissions are further decreased through the Scania SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system. This proven after-treatment system ensures exhaust gases are released with minimum nitrogen oxide (NOx) content. By injecting AdBlue, a urea-based additive into the exhaust system, a chemical reaction takes place that converts the toxic nitrogen oxides into harmless water and nitrogen gases. “It is an easy-to-handle system, is proven reliable and does not affect torque or power,” explains Bergvall.

Equipped with the Scania Opticruise gearbox, the V8 770S benefits from reduced internal friction, higher compression ratios, pneumatic shifting and economy gear ratio. These technological advances improve maintenance levels leading to longer service intervals.

When driven in economy mode, the V8 770S delivers class-leading fuel efficiencies and carbon emission reductions.

Considering its power, the V8 770S does not contribute to noise pollution.  Emitting a rumble rather than a roar, its engine noise won’t adversely affect the communities it passes through.

“This is a heavy commercial vehicle designed for operations that require superior efficiency, power and performance, while still aligning with our customers’ sustainability goals,” says Bergvall.

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