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5 Tips for choosing a quality transport and logistics company

When you look through directories to find the best logistical solution, there are several factors that you must evaluate and consider ensuring that you choose a reliable truck hire for transport and logistics.

Whether you are moving into your dream home, or you need a reliable transport and logistics company in South Africa to move and transport goods to different parts of South Africa, Red Transport hire service has you covered.

Tips to consider when you choose a transport and logistics company

1.    Choose the right size

This is the first, critical tip that must be determined before you can even consult with a transport and logistics company. You must determine the size of truck that you will need to transport your goods.

This can be done by visiting the website of the rental company and completing a comprehensive inventory or getting an agent to evaluate the goods that you want transported to determine the truck size.

2.    Recommendations

Word of mouth is an immensely powerful concept, especially for transport and logistics companies. When you are looking for a company in Cape Town, consider the reviews written by those who have used the specific hire service before.

Reviews will tell you a lot about the level of service that a company offers and Red Transport is one of the most reputable transport and logistics companies in Cape Town, Pretoria, and Johannesburg, with hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

3.    Do your research

When you are looking for a truck rental service, you cannot pick the first one that pops up when you conduct an internet search. It is crucial that you go through a few that suit your needs, objectives, and budget and make a list to decide on the one that you wish to use.

Make sure that you thoroughly do your homework before you settle on one company as there may be others that you miss.

4.    Enquire about insurance

This is a crucial factor that many people often forget, leading to significant losses without any insurance. Red Transport provides GIT insurance which covers items while being transported in the truck, from when the doors close at the departure point and until they open at the delivery address.

This provides you with peace of mind that, in case of loss or damage during transit as result of an accident, theft, or hi-jacking, you will be covered.

5.    Compare your budget and the quote, compare quotes

Most transport and logistics companies will consider the truck size in addition to the distance and duration of transit when they provide you with a quote. However, there are additional costs that you must consider including insurance, additional fuel, moving supplies, and any optional extras.

When you get a quote from a transport and logistics company, make sure that you evaluate all the additional costs and enquire about any extras that may be charged off-quote, such as excess for an insurance claim. Make sure that your budget can easily accommodate any additional costs and that you are not faced with hidden costs.

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