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ROTORVANE, agents for the Mattei range of rotary vane air compressors, report that its Blade 8-12 direct-drive models – ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, boasts even more efficiency and greater reliability when compared to their Blade 7-11 belt-drive siblings. All are offered with the extended warranty MyCare6.

All the advantages of the Blade 8-12 models, such as compactness and silent operation are now further enhanced through the advantage of 1:1 direct-drive technology. This adds an extra measure of robustness to the Blade 8-12 models, which brings compact, high-performance solutions to artisanal businesses and small to medium-sized companies.

The advantages of direct-drive between the compression unit and the electric motor are mainly related to superior energy efficiency, enhanced reliability and simplified servicing. Energy efficiency (all Blade 8-12 models meet the requirements of the BAFA, the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control) and rugged reliability are distinctive traits of the direct-drive Mattei rotary vane technology, amplified by the absence of belts and gears. Eliminating belt maintenance, the direct-drive shaft coupling lasts longer and is easier and quicker to replace thanks in part to an easy access coupling guard screen and enhanced shaft separation to benefit the user with longer service intervals and time savings thanks to the ease of coupling element replacement. Silent operation is another benefit of direct-drive technology which is particularly important for installations in small environments where operating personnel are present.

This series, with power ranging from 7-11 kW and operating pressures at 8,10 (and on request), 13 bar, provide great versatility. There are also a multitude of different setups which will better satisfy the needs of the end user. Beyond the standard version, Mattei also offers an S-version (mounted on a tank with a capacity of 270 litres), the E (fitted with a dryer), and the SE (with a storage tank and refrigeration dryer). All versions are available with fixed or variable speed operation; with the latter, an inverter automatically adjusts the rotational speed of the motor, to ensure that the air discharged corresponds with real-time demands while using no more energy than necessary.

The compressor comes as standard with an asynchronous three-phase IE3 TEFC motor, but is also available, on request, with an IE4 super-premium efficiency class motor.

All the fixed-speed compressors are fitted with a soft-starter system, born from the collaboration with Allen-Bradly, a brand of Rockwell Automation. Thanks to the Soft-Starter, inrush current is limited reducing shock and stress during the motor starting phase which prolongs the life of the motor and reduces running costs, but also ensures compliance with current regulations.

The sophisticated MaestroXB computerised controllers can improve the efficiency of a multi-compressor plant, thanks to the control, monitoring, and automatic programming of operations through an intuitive control panel and the ability to harmonize the operation of networked compressors. Fully equipped with the capability to not only collect data but also analyse operational efficiency, failures, and faults, MaestroXB guarantees both the flexibility and adaptability of plant operations.

The inverter controlled variable speed cooling fan, exclusive in the Blade 8-12 models, also makes it possible to better manage the running temperatures of the compressor while reducing overall energy consumption even further.

The Blade 8-12 models come to market including the MyCare 6 extended warranty plan. With the free activation of the MyCare 6 plan, clients are assured of 6 years of worry-free operations, as well as the certainty of a maintenance programme authorized by Mattei for certified servicing.

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