Engen refuels Truck Test 2022  

Vehicles line up for Truck Test.

Engen is continuing its fuel sponsorship of the annual Truck Test, with all participating trucks running on Engen Dynamic Diesel 50ppm with Pro-Drive.

Q1: What value does Engen see in the Truck Test programme? 

A: The annual Truck Test event is all about finding the best-in-class trucks with respect to fuel efficiency and productivity in a diverse field of formidable contenders. When the results are published at the end of the test, it affords transport companies a clear picture of the performance of the tested vehicles under very real conditions. This can assist them to make more informed buying choices.

Truck Test gives Engen the opportunity to promote Engen Dynamic Diesel 50ppm with Pro-Drive technology, which will once again be used by all participating trucks.

Q2. Engen Dynamic Diesel 50ppm is formulated with Pro Drive. What does this mean for the driver or operator of the vehicle?  

A: Our most advanced, unique combustion improver technology delivers 2% more power for a smoother drive; more response during stop-go, cruising, and heavy loads with 4% better acceleration. The unique dual detergent for deep cleaning across old and modern diesel engines enables a 3% improvement in fuel consumption.

The new active ingredient in the formulation is proven to make your vehicle feel lighter at the touch of the pedal, and is the first ever in Africa with its unique combination of combustion and detergent system technology.

Q3. Engen was the first petroleum company in SA to market AdBlue. 2016 saw the inclusion of AdBlue to the Truck Tests where consumption was monitored for interest. What is AdBlue and what has happened since it was introduced in 2016? 

A: Most modern diesel-powered vehicles built after 2006 use SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Technology to inject AdBlue into the vehicles exhaust gases. When AdBlue combines with exhaust emissions, it breaks down the harmful nitrogen oxides in the diesel exhaust and produces harmless nitrogen and oxygen.

AdBlue was a natural fit to the Engen product offerings of Engen Dynamic Diesel 50ppm and Engen Low – SAPS Lubricants.  

Today, the demand for AdBlue is significantly greater as more and more Euro-5 and Euro-6 vehicles are operating on our roads. Engen AdBlue trades under the name Air1® and is supplied to most major OEMS in SA.