Full of bounce

The C4 Cactus merges style with innovative usability through its Airbump technology.

The C4 Cactus merges style with innovative usability through its Airbump technology. Air capsules under a soft TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) skin make sure that objects causing dings and dents, bounce right off it.

Well-deserved applause

It’s been recognised for its stylish design – having won this year’s World Car Design of the Year Award – but it’s not just a pretty face; it’s also got a conscience.  Which is why it’s fitted with Citroen’s award winning PureTech Engine – with its significantly improved fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions. 

Personality and practicality

Combining quirky features like slim LED headlights, unusual exterior colour combinations and innovative interior design, with sensible elements like roof bars, extra storage space and a streamlined profile, the Cactus is more fun and all function.

The Cactus isn’t just a soldier against scratches; it’s also a compact and spacious companion. The clutter free interior – with its sofa-effect seats – has been designed to be as comfortable as your living room.

It also comes with record beating space: A boot of 358 litres, smart storage compartments and an 8.5 litre glove compartment.

Abracadabra! Clean.

Another innovative feature from Citroen is Magic Wash, where jets are incorporated into the ends of the wiper blades so that you use the right amount of fluid needed to clean your windscreen and improve visibility.

Light on its feet

Because the Cactus has a 2.60m wheelbase, it’s compact, nimble and responsive. Its suspension is designed to absorb bumps in the road to ensure that your ride is as smooth as its interior is comfortable.

Technology made simple

With the Cactus, Citroen have streamlined the controls to focus on your priorities by putting all functions at your fingertips. The seven-inch touch screen features seven short cut buttons – making it easy for you to access the settings for air-conditions, Bluetooth, digital radio and more.

There’s no doubt that the C4 Cactus is a masterful piece of Créative Technologie.