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Innovative vehicle tracking

CTRACK is a South African company with solutions developed locally through continuous research and development.  South Africa’s challenging business environment the last two years has meant that Ctrack’s product development had to meet a unique set of conditions experienced by fleet operators.

The cornerstone of Ctrack’s offering revolves around five keys of fleet management solutions: Risk, Cost Control, Fleet Utilisation, Operations Control and Asset Control.

Ctrack’s high quality, reliable fleet specific in-cab solutions that operate with Ctrack’s On-The-Road application are now also available for mobile Android devices, eliminating the need for a second piece of hardware inside vehicles. A basic Android 6 device with 2GB RAM, an internal GPS and Bluetooth will suffice. The OTR solution combines navigation and fleet experience into a platform that integrates with Ctrack’s software platforms for easy data extraction.

Drivers are a key part of running fleets successfully and efficiently, and Ctrack’s OTR solutions allow drivers to complete their daily tasks as required. Features include driver behaviour monitoring, navigation, driver status, messaging, task management, voice calls and behaviour history. This new development saves operators money whilst empowering their drivers with a powerful tool in hand.

With Ctrack’s SMILE software, operators can create efficiency and risk outputs that measure and solve an operator’s critical KPI’s in a variety of ways. Risk-reducing technology such as gunfire detection or foam encapsulation technology has the ability to match various planned delivery addresses, ensure complete control of high-risk packages and leads to monitoring and reporting options in the Online Software platform.  This ability creates the option to immediately activate risk mitigation actions, reduce risk, and improve customer service levels.

The same system used within agricultural sectors, such as the milk industry, allows fleet managers to set up geo zones with pre-defined speed limits on certain routes. Speed can be controlled on gravel roads by activating a speed limiter. These simple yet effective actions reduce wear and tear on the vehicle, reduce warranty claims, and in essence, less time for the vehicle spent in workshops. The uptime of the vehicle again brings about improved vehicle efficiency and pushes service levels to the next level within service level agreements for fleet clients.

Driver fatigue is a very serious problem with high demand on production and service delivery. By creating a SMILE script to monitor the driving hours, the Ctrack device can be configured to audibly alert the driver when driving time limits or distance is reached. If the driver chooses to ignore warnings, the Ctrack technology, through the SMILE script, can put the vehicle into limp mode (reduced speed and engine power) to ensure that the driver takes the required break.

The unscrupulous practice of jamming directly impacts fleets’ risk and interferes with the transmission of telematics data preventing the tracking of vehicles or assets as part of a stolen vehicle recovery attempt. Ctrack’s jamming detection technology reacts accordingly by implementing several mitigating protocols.

The Live Productivity Dashboard, which forms part of the online software suite, provides a 24-hour timeline of vehicle or asset movement, allowing for quick and easy dissemination and management of fleets. Users can view the movement and stationary times as well as driving times in a single graphical view. Stopping locations and operating times allow fleet managers to quickly identify unauthorised usage of vehicles.

Ctrack’s Fleet Monitoring Service is a complete outsourcing option of fleet control room activities and a perfect solution for managing larger fleets. Analytics of data while considering highly proficient hindsight, insight and foresight, and concise reporting allows for the streamlining of a fleet operation, enabling business owners to spend more time managing their business.

Ctrack has industry-specific solutions to monitor, manage and control various assets, including cars, trucks, trailers, containers, generators, packages and confidential deliveries.

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