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Netstar Integrates with Microsoft on Connected Fleets Architecture 

Netstar, a leader in telematics solutions, announces a strategic collaboration with Microsoft to harness the vast pool of data from over 1.9 million connected devices. This initiative aims to enhance the safety and efficiency of mobility while tailoring solutions to the unique needs of individuals and businesses.

As part of this collaboration, Netstar seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Connected Fleets Architecture, hosting all services in the secure and scalable Microsoft cloud. Leveraging various Microsoft services on Azure, Netstar aligns itself with the evolving landscape of connected vehicles, where the demand for integration and data-driven decision-making is rapidly rising.  Additionally, by aligning with the Microsoft Connected Fleets architecture and partner ecosystem, Netstar can expand its market offerings and drive additional customer value.

The ever-growing connectivity of fleets presents a valuable opportunity to harness the power of data for informed decision-making. The collaboration between Netstar and Microsoft addresses this need, emphasizing the importance of standardization and consistency in the evolving landscape of connected fleet architecture.

“Netstar recognizes the critical nature of data in shaping the future of mobility. Our integration with Microsoft and other key collaborators is dedicated to setting standards for connected fleet architecture,” says Cliff de Wit, Executive: Technology. “Our engineers have collaborated closely with Microsoft and its partners, to showcase at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, how our IoT systems seamlessly integrate into the reference architecture, allowing for the visualization of high-volume telematics data and empowering businesses with data-driven insights. We are excited to demonstrate how a  co-pilot specific to the fleet and telematics industry can improve the traditional fleet operational environment.”

“The demonstration at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show will underline how Netstar’s contribution to connected fleets enables the visualization and utilization of high-volume telematics data through Natural Language Processing (NLP) queries” adds Grant Fraser, Netstar Group Managing Director. “This advancement positions Netstar at the forefront of innovating solutions that elevate the use of data for better business decision-making, through leveraging the Microsoft platform, reference architecture, and ecosystem.”

Netstar is committed to pioneering advancements in the connected fleet landscape, driving innovation, and setting new standards for the integration and visualization of telematics data. 

“Netstar has been a valuable contributor to the Microsoft Connected Fleets ecosystem as well as our partner showcase at CES 2024. Their long-standing dedication to enhancing the safety and efficiency of mobility aligns to our mission of helping our customers unlock new value through the power of data, AI, and the cloud.” said Dominik Wee, Corporate Vice President of Manufacturing and Mobility, Microsoft.

About Netstar

Netstar is a leading provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions in South Africa, Australia, and select African countries. With over 25 years of experience, Netstar delivers high-quality products and services that give peace of mind to vehicle and fleet owners, their employees, and their families. Netstar delivers vehicle tracking, vehicle theft recovery, and fleet management by providing well-engineered hardware, easy-to-use software, powerful analytical tools, and professional call centres.

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