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Piggyback Aches and Pains

There is so much focus on warehousing, retail, agriculture and production materials handling that one area is often neglected in overall planning, and that is truck mounted forklifts. There are a handful of brands catering to this specific niche, like Moffett, Palfinger, and Loadmac to name a few.

Without machinery of this type, actual distribution delivery could be quite awkward for products such as brick, turf, fertilizer and beverages, amongst others. These machines have short periods of high intensity use, and then on to the next site and this is often where the problem comes in. If not secured properly, these machines jostle about damaging forks and tearing out retainer chains and bolts etc. Even if well secured, the nature of distribution and road transport means that this type of machinery moves about and creates a constant strain on retaining mechanisms and the chassis on the machine itself as well as their trailers, especially on poor road conditions.

FMX has been fitted to various types, and one trend in particular raised itself very early on. We found that the impact ratio for this machine type was extremely high considering the generally low hours of use, and that is because of the number of additional impacts picked up during transport and therefore often overlooked in the life cycle maintenance.

Luckily, customers can now enjoy the benefits of extended life cycles and much less associated maintenance by simply fitting FMX. Not only does FMX detect impacts, types of impacts and their volumes, but FMX can also simply immobilize on significant impacts to trigger inspection on other actions. In addition, comprehensive easy-to-read reports and alerts can indicate trends across the fleet, showing particular drivers, trucks or routes that are problematic.

This is only one of a host of features that FMX offers, including Engine Protection, Battery Management, Productivity and much more.

Smart distribution turns to FMX when in need.

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