Water storage – a crucial role in water management

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SBS Tanks® offer water storage solutions across South Africa.

The Zincalume® tanks they provide are engineered to the highest specifications with a lifespan of 60 + years and ranging in capacity from 12 000 litres to 3,3 megalitres.

With the use of customised PVC tank liners, manufactured on-site in its SBS® Liner Facility, these tanks provide safe drinking water free of any possible contaminants, making them a ideal companion for desalination plants and boreholes. Innovation is integral to engineering and production at SBS Tanks®, and their fully internal fabrication process allows for full quality control, and a turnkey solution to water storage.

As pioneers of the modular water tank system, SBS Tanks® has eliminated the need for specialised equipment, crane lifting, and specialised contractors – eradicating drawn-out construction time and safety risks completely. Everything from logistics to installation is handled by an internal team, providing a fast solution.

Industries served include mining, municipal, fire protection, water conservation, and food & beverage industries in South Africa. A refined design of this product has exploited export potential with SBS Tanks® supplying its products to countries including USA, Mexico, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Pacific Islands amongst others.

With over 1 500 tanks designed, manufactured, and installed, and 30+ years’ experience in the industry, SBS Tanks® is highly recognised when it comes to liquid storage.