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100 million litres / day water re-use project

“After 25 years of rigorous economic and environmental studies, technical research and planning, the Faure New Water Scheme (FNWS) was identified as the best opportunity for water reuse in Cape Town. The Faure New Water Scheme will receive source water (treated wastewater effluent) from the Zandvliet Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Zandvliet plant is a cost-effective location, with sufficient volumes of wastewater which doesn’t come from heavy industry which would be more challenging to treat. It is being upgraded to include enhanced treatment processes that will ensure a high quality of source water for the reuse scheme. The source water from Zandvliet will be piped to a new advanced purification plant located at to the existing Faure Water Treatment Plant, 5 km away. The advanced purification plant will produce up to 100 million litres of clean drinking water per day. This water will initially be blended with raw water from dams, with a maximum ratio of 20% reuse water and 80% dam water. Then the blended water is treated once more by the conventional processes of the existing Faure Water Treatment Plant, before being stored in the Faure reservoir. From there, the distribution network will have the flexibility to supply this water widely across most of Cape Town.”


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