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Providing water-security through bulk water storage tanks

RAINBOW Reservoirs is a supplier of premium quality Aluzinc bolted-steel panel tanks for multi-application liquid or water storage solutions. Our renowned, sought-after products are in extensive use across most sectors as pivotal bulk storage components throughout Africa and beyond.

Rainbow Reservoirs’ tanks range in capacity from a few hundred litres to over 4 million litres, and are prefabricated to facilitate quick, on-site installation and rapid commissioning.
They’re engineer-designed to provide decades of hassle-free service and reliability, and meet the strictest standards of industry health-and-safety requirements.

Aluzinc steel is the material of choice for the tank walls and roof. The exceptional anti-corrosive properties of aluminium-zinc coated steel are perfect for unpainted, maintenance-free application and are capable of withstanding the harshest conditions. The expected lifespan of Aluzinc is 40 years.

UV resistant, multi-layered internal tank liners are human-potability certified safe for drinking water (or design-matched to the properties of the liquid being stored).

The robust tank-liners ensure that the stored liquid never comes into direct contact with the steel walls. A free-standing, domed all-steel roof seals the structure, preventing ingress of dust, insects and light.

Rainbow Reservoirs is the preferred supplier to various sectors such as mining, municipalities, mining, agriculture, food-and-beverage, residential, desalination and diverse industrial/commercial applications.

We specialise in the manufacture of Certified Fire Protection Tanks (ASIB Certified Supplier) mandatory for factories, shopping malls and hospitals. Tourism is another area of focus – we provide water security peace-of-mind for many of Southern Africa’s leading hotels and resorts in cities and in remote wilderness environments.

Our tanks are custom-built to accommodate any height/diameter or specified requirements. They even come in a range of colour choices. Flat-pack designed for easy transport/shipping is a key advantage when installing reservoirs in remote areas that are difficult to reach. Smaller capacity tanks don’t require a concrete base or foundation – they simply rest directly on the ground, on a well-prepared sand pad!

In the Agricultural Sector we’ve responded decisively to the increased requirements for agri-water by our farmers.

By coupling latest technology with innovative design and corrosion-resistant Aluzinc (that outperforms traditional, galvanised ‘plaasdamme’ by 3 – 7 times) we’ve come up with the ever-popular OASIS TANKS range – a 21st century.

Rainbow Reservoirs has developed an outstanding record with customers and suppliers alike, both nationally and internationally.

From initial enquiry to design, layout and installation, customers can be assured of expert advice and exceptional service from the Rainbow Reservoirs team.

Contact Rainbow Reservoirs at: +27 (0)11 965 6016 / 083 226 8572, email:;

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