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WearCheck Water helps industries comply with by-laws

DO you need to know the chemical composition of industrial wastewater before discarding it?

How important, in your business, is the cleanliness of water for medical use, human consumption or irrigation/agriculture?

WearCheck Water, a division of condition monitoring specialist company, WearCheck, provides deep insight into the composition of water that comes from multiple sources, and that is used in a broad range of industries.

The company conducts an extensive selection of water analysis services. Using a variety of high-tech lab instruments, expert water scientists process water samples to determine the water’s quality and suitability.

WearCheck Water’s clients include industrial operations that must follow municipal by-laws by ensuring that effluent/wastewater is compliant and safe for disposal into streams and rivers.

Compliance with the laws and environmental safety standards ensures the harmless disposal of wastewater into sewers, streams and rivers – crucial in today’s environmentally conscious landscape. Furthermore, it helps avoid financial penalties for non-compliance.

Municipalities rely on WearCheck Water, which is ISO 17025:2017 accredited, for maintaining water quality. With urban populations expanding, the demand for safe drinking water is growing. WearCheck’s analysis ensures that municipal water supplies meet the required health standards, providing peace of mind to both authorities and residents.

In the hospitality and medical industries, water quality is paramount. Hospitals, clinics, hotels, and restaurants must ensure that their water is safe for consumption and use. Detailed analysis confirms whether the water meets stringent health standards.

This is crucial for maintaining the health and safety of patients and guests, as well as the reputation of establishments.

WearCheck Water also serves the mining industry – wastewater compliance and quarterly testing of groundwater and surface water in areas surrounding mining and exploration sites are conducted, to assess environmental impact. Rigorous testing ensures that mining operations do not contaminate local water sources, thereby safeguarding ecosystems and local communities.

GM of WearCheck Water, Thelma Horsfield, clarifies, “We conduct a range of tests on water from any source, determining the presence and levels of potentially harmful substances, to ensure that the water is safe for its intended purpose.”

WearCheck’s two world-class water-testing laboratories – in Cape Town and Johannesburg – conduct water analysis for a wide range of clients in different sectors.

WearCheck’s water analysis services are available in every region in Africa where the company has a presence (South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Namibia, Mozambique, and the DRC).

Many of the water clients also use WearCheck’s extensive range of condition monitoring services, including the scientific analysis of used oil, asset reliability care (ARC), and transformer oil testing, amongst others.

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