Why the “Pandemic Imbalance” in Your Life Means it’s Time for a Digital Detox

Kagga Kamma - [http://www.kaggakamma.co.za/images/gallery_star_suite/gallery_big_1.jpg]

The rapid increase of diagnosed cases of burnout in South Africa amongst industry leaders, managers and employees in the 2016/2017 period has led to a term coined “Pandemic Imbalance”.

“Pandemic Imbalance”, so named by an Industrial and Consulting Psychologist, Professor Johann Coetsee, refers to the state of feeling like “you are always behind” or “still not done” with work or work related projects. This “imbalance” is propelled by the Digital Age – where smartphones, tablets and laptops constantly vibrate, ping and pop up reminders of projects, meetings and additional work that require attention. The portability and connectivity of technology means that work goes beyond the office realm into private spaces and personal lives. All of which is increasing the prevalence of burnout in the workplace. 

Setting aside time for a digital detox getaway (even for a couple of days) is essential. Not only for the sake of productivity, health and well-being, but to allow for that all-important time and space to rebalance and re-evaluate priorities, thereby combatting the “pandemic imbalance”.

What is a digital detox? It is consciously abstaining and disconnecting from technology like smartphones, laptops and tablets (going offline) for days or weeks at a time.

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, situated in the Swartruggens Region of the Cederberg Mountain Range – about three hours from Cape Town –champions  the digital detox concept prides itself on offering an environment where people can “restore the order” in their lives. Kagga Kamma’s Resort Manager, Tania Steenkamp says “We offer the unique opportunity for guests to take a break from the noise, haste and stress of everyday life, even if just for a night or two, and enjoy the bliss of untouched nature”. She explains that Kagga Kamma has no cell phone reception, no television sets, only one localised area that provides for WiFi access and runs completely on a solar photovoltaic hybrid energy system.

Steenkamp says: “Guests – instead of being interrupted by emails, cell phones and the like – can inplug, relax and go on nature drives, engage in unique cultural experiences, indulge in spa treatments or even enjoy a night’s sleep under the Milky Way.”