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Work-from-home goes back to the office

THE dynamics of the workspace are changing – again. 

The office is going back to normal (ish!), and many large corporates are asking team members to return to the office at least a few days a week. But the work-from-home experience of the Covid pandemic has shifted the way we think about workspaces – maybe forever.

Corporates have had a reset, and have begun to think about how they can help individuals and teams to feel more inspired. 

More and more, they’re asking designers to create workspaces that encourage collaboration, offer better functionality, and help productivity and creativity. And, crucially, they want to ensure an element of calm.

Among the trends that are showing up are preferences for warmer timber finishes, with touches of blues, greens and whites, embracing the theme of biophilia wherever possible. It’s a trend South African tile manufacturer, Ceramic Industries, had already anticipated, and there are several biophilia-style tiles that designers are incorporating.

Greater emphasis is also being placed on creating an element of privacy and separation, as a learning from the work-from-home phenomenon. 

Designers are being tasked with creating functional, professional spaces that are distinct from the home space but that still offer some sanctuary. One approach they’re applying is the use of ceramic tiles as a statement floor covering that ensures each space is individualised.

These ideas are being applied in home-office and corporate spaces, with inspiration being taken from examples all over the world. 

Thanks to social media, design ideas know no borders, and customers expect global trends to be available locally. Again, Ceramic Industries has been able to answer the call, with fashionable styles being constantly produced in their state-of-the-art local factories.

Following international trends, their large-format tiles have been immensely popular because they’re able to inject an element of luxury, and customers are electing to spend a little more to create custom spaces.

In recent years, South African customers have been prioritising good environmental and social responsibility credentials in their consideration set, and Ceramic Industries scores high here too. 

Their proudly South African factories use locally sourced clay, and their energy-efficient kilns recycle heat – just two example of their long-term, comprehensive approach to sustainable operations. 

They’re also deeply engaged with the communities in which they operate, with upliftment programmes for schools and creches, bursaries for local school leavers, supplier development and environmental education. 

As work and living spaces change in our dynamic post-pandemic world, customers expect the products on offer to meet their needs, and even anticipate new ones. It’s good to know that in South African we have at least one manufacturer that can deliver the goods. Ceramic Industries is well positioned to offer local, eco-conscious production combined with world-class quality and world-leading trends. 

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