Diamond Hologram Display
  • Take advertising to another level with 3rd Eye Media

3rd Eye Media specialises in the design and fabrication of innovative high quality digital 3D holographic visual displays for multiple applications at the most competitive prices across the country.

What is 3D holographic projection?

A hologram is a three dimensional image made by digital light projection of a video recording filmed or created by use of animation. Any logo, product or person can be projected as a hologram. With the clever use of transparent screens and advanced projectors, a full high definition illusion can appear to occupy space whether floating in the air or standing on stage, full 3D virtual content can be seen without the aid of special glasses or other intermediate optics.

More about 3rd Eye Media

Over the past two years 3rd Eye Media has been hired to project a variety of 3D holograms of local South African sports stars as well as famous deceased politicians, car launches and diamond launches for corporate events at venues such as Sun City, The Durban International Convention Centre, Gallagher Convention Centre and many more.

The company not only produces large format 3D holographic projections for stage, but they also cater for medium size displays for exhibition stands as well as smaller product showcase displays for the retail environment.

With 3rd Eye Medias’ low cost to hire holographic services in South Africa, companies can now take advantage  to run their own major promotions just like the tech savvy industry giants do overseas at a fraction of the cost.

For examples of 3rd eye media’s work, be sure to check out the website www.3rdeyemedia.co as well as the YouTube channel called ‘3rd eye media Cape Town