ACDC Dynamics opens new flagship warehouse, distribution centre and retail store in Richmond Park, Western Cape

South Africa has started opening doors to many opportunities with the hopes to return the country to stability, following the effects of the lockdown, specifically with a focus on job creation. According to recent figures by Statistics South Africa, the countries unemployment rate hit a new record high of 34.4% in the second quarter of 2021 from 32.6% in the first quarter.

With the commitment to helping towards the growth of the economy, ACDC Dynamics is coming to you with a new flagship branch and retail store in Richmond Park, Cape Town. This is set to create job opportunities for 200 people.

As their values center around customer satisfaction, the launch of their new Richmond Park retail branch will aim to provide the surrounding communities with an effortless shopping experience, providing an extensive range of electrical products, varying from lighting, security, solar, smart & IOT solutions all the way to tools, wiring and accessories. With this new retail store, they strive to assist the surrounding communities of Richmond Park with all their electrical needs, aiming to ensure that all their customers are provided with the ease of finding everything they need under one roof, saving them time and money.

According to Mario Maio, founder of ACDC Dynamics, “we care about prioritising our customers in a manner that promotes both a convenient in-store shopping experience, and an uncomplicated at-home experience with easy-to-use and up-to-date technology”. He continues to add that, “in addition to convenience, our product range is among one of our top priorities, thus, we offer an extensive range of electrical and electronic solutions”.

In keeping with their commitment to their community, ACDC offers a range of alternative power solutions that ensure the wellbeing of the environment and the people within it. These are just distinct examples out of the abundant variety of products they offer.

The new Richmond Park branch will provide all these beneficial products and services at the hands of customers, making life so much easier for all those in need of all they have to offer.

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