ADC Energy; efficiency and maximising network performance

Product Name: SG203 Advanced Conductor Mounted Fault Path Indicator

ADC Energy has been in the electrical industry for the past 13 years and continues to deliver quality product , customer service and technical expertise on a whole new level. All our products focus on energy efficiency and maximising network performance.

Our core products is used on the overhead line network, products such as Toshiba Voltage Regulators , ENTEC Auto reclosers, Sectionalizers, Load Break Switches and the SG203 Advanced Conductor Mounted Fault Path Indicators. The SG203 is our flagship product and is proudly South African. It’s been designed, manufactured and certified by ADC Energy.

Our FPI is designed to the highest standards , and incorporates latest technologies. The unique cluster configuration of three line sensors with one sensor acting as the master with its integrated DNP3 RTU and GPRS/3G communication modem is a world first. The industry proven RTU integrated in the SG203 master, efficiently and seamlessly integrates into the existing SCADA and IT systems of the electrical utility. As a result it instantly optimises Outage and Fault Management that will decrease the Customer Minutes Lost (SAIDI). At the same time, the enterprise Network and Device Management Software provides the electrical utility with the tools and data to further improve its asset to manage power distribution and resource management, resulting in major cost savings, higher-performance and increased efficiency.

It complies with international IEEE specifications for Fault Path Indicators and is approved by the local regulatory authorities.

Another first for the African Continent, our products will be exhibited at the African Utility Week .

  • Date: 15 – 17 May 2018
  • Venue: Intervention Convention Centre, Cape Town
  • Booth Number: H9

We look forward to hosting you.