Atlas Copco launches compact and lightweight mobile compressors

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco has launched a new range of lightweight and versatile air compressors for secure integration into utility trucks and other OEM applications. The space-saving 8 Series Utility range has a footprint that is 10 per cent smaller, on average, than comparable compressors. In addition, all models weigh below 750kg, including those with the option of a built-in generator.

“The term ‘utility’ is defined as the state of being useful, profitable or beneficial. This is summed up perfectly by the compressors in our 8 Series Utility range, which combine all three benefits inside a lightweight and compact package,” said Hendrik Timmermans, Vice-President, Marketing for Atlas Copco’s Portable Energy division. “Due to their small size and light weight, the 8 Series now fits into more vehicle types and can be used in applications including highway works and crash barrier repair.”

All compressors in the 8 Series Utility range feature a robust, corrosion resistant C3 rated canopy. Reliable, high-performance engines are fitted as standard, which deliver industry leading fuel efficiency savings of up to 8 per cent against comparable machines. The range consists of four compressors available in flow ranges between 3.7-5.4m3/min and working pressures between 7-12 bar.

For added versatility, the compressors can be fitted with Atlas Copco’s innovative PACE (Pressure Adjustment through Cognitive Electronics) system. This enables users to precisely adjust the air flow and pressure of the compressor to match their specific application needs. It’s also possible to turn the compressor into a multi-function machine that delivers both air and power by equipping it with an optional generator. Furthermore, an extra fuel tank is available for end users requiring a two-shift operation without refuelling.

Simplicity of service was clearly factored into the design of the range. Each model is easy to access via wide doors and requires an oil service just once every two years. In addition, all consumables within the compressor can be replaced in under an hour. For instance, the use of spin-on filters and separator elements mean that no special tools are needed during maintenance.