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Busch Vacuum and Overpressure Blowers

One of the world’s largest vacuum and blower technology manufacturers, Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems, is now firmly established in South Africa – bringing cutting-edge equipment and professional experience directly to the African market.

Busch Vacuum is a family-owned business that was founded in Germany in 1963. More than 50 years later, the Busch group is still owned and managed by its founders, Ayhan Busch and Dr Karl Busch, and their three children. The Busch group is present in 42 countries with 60 subsidiaries, positioning the company in the top ranks of Vacuum pump and blower original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

The head office of Busch Vacuum South Africa is located in Johannesburg, with branches in Cape Town and Durban. All offices have workshop service and repair facilities and carry stock of pumps and overpressure blowers to support any industry.

The Busch South African subsidiary is fully equipped to deliver high-quality vacuum technologies and provide expert advice to industries in Africa seeking solutions for a vast range of manufacturing applications. Furthermore, Busch SA understands the importance of vacuum systems in industry production processes and the need for shortened breakdown lead times. For this reason, the company has a fully stocked warehouse with a large number of pumps and spares in stock ready to supply the African continent. A loan pump fleet is also at our customers’ disposal, which reduces production downtime to a bare minimum.

Industries in Africa that benefit from Busch vacuum pump technology include food packaging, medical, chemical and pharmaceuticals, plastics, waste water, oil and gas, woodworking and mining, and many others. The vast range of Busch vacuum pumps and overpressure blowers caters for every industry application.

Busch Africa previously focused primarily on the South African market. This has since changed, with a significant shift of focus onto the Africa market as a whole. Some examples of industries in Africa that have recently benefited from Busch vacuum technologies include: vacuum sewerage systems in Botswana; liquid ring vacuum pumps for the oil and gas industry in Angola; vacuum assisted braking systems for locomotives in Nigeria; vacuum conveying and noxious gas removal in the plastics industry in Egypt; medical gas systems in Mozambique; and alternative, more cost-effective claw technology solutions in the Zambian printing market. Busch is the industry leader in the food packaging sector, with over 80% of OEM machinery fitted with Busch products.

Employing a team of specialized mechanical and chemical engineers, Busch SA is well positioned to assist with the design of centralized vacuum systems or complete vacuum skid assemblies, including all filtration and monitoring equipment.

In a bid to expand the reach of Busch in the African market, Busch SA is conducting exploratory surveys into key African countries in search of distribution agents for its products and services. Any queries in this regard can be made to the Managing Director of Busch SA, Mr Sean Pieterse by e-mail to sean.pieterse@busch.co.za

If you have any vacuum interest or queries, visit www.busch.co.za or contact a professional Busch representative today by e-mail: info@busch.co.za or telephone: +27 (0)21 982 6028.