Cape Gate awarded SABS mark for concrete steel reinforcement - []

All structural concrete and brickwork must contain adequate steel reinforcement to ensure structural integrity and to prevent catastrophic collapse.

Compliance with the relevant SABS standard is there to ensure that the steel welded fabric mesh used in construction and building projects meets safety standards and structures perform and behave as the designer intended.

Specifiers and contractors now have the added confidence in that these steel fabric mesh products available from Cape Gate Fence and Wire Works now bear the SANS 1024:2012 certification mark.

This means that the SABS approved products are the correct wire thickness, have the correct wire spacing and are constructed from the correct grade and quality of steel, across the full range of mesh dimensions.

“We are delighted to have received the SABS certification for all our welded fabric mesh and reinforcing bar products” said Cape Gate Fence and Wire Works, MD Simon Cummings.

“We have been manufacturing these products to SABS specifications for many years now and recently expressed concern about cheaper inferior welded mesh being supplied to the local construction market and hardware merchants that doesn’t comply with the SANS regulations.

“The inferior products are not easy to identify but their use could result in catastrophic failure of structural elements” he warned. “Once concrete is poured or brickwork completed the steel reinforcement is completely hidden and undetectable until something untoward happens.”

Cape Gate claims to be the oldest and largest private steel and wire manufacturer in South Africa and has been supplying quality wire and steel products since 1929. Cape Gate says it is differentiated from other producers by being the only Western Cape based manufacturer that has the SABS certification SANS 1024:2012 for its wire reinforcement products.

Cape Gate produces a wide range of building and construction wire products including Nails, Butterfly wall-ties and NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council) compliant bricksteel.