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A Cape Town desalination company has won a R5-billion contract for a desalination plant in Saudi Arabia.

The contract to design‚ build and operate the plant was awarded to GrahamTek by The Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC)‚ which operates several water treatment plants across Saudi Arabia.

“SWCC controls about 40% of the desalination plants in the world and owns and operates 27 such plants in Saudi Arabia‚ producing in excess of 6 billion litres of desalinated water for the country each day‚” said GrahamTek CEO Julius Steyn.

“Saudi Arabia is investing ahead of the future demand caused by population growth‚ replacement of ageing infrastructure as well as an increase in urbanisation. The prolonged low oil prices compelled Saudi Arabia to consider the latest technologies that would provide desalinated water at the most cost-effective prices.”

Steyn said the contract would take 18 months‚ and would be the sixth plant the company had built in Saudi Arabia.

Through its Energy Partners sustainable energy subsidiary‚ PSG Group acquired a controlling interest in GrahamTek last year. Steyn said the deal coincided with consultation and optimisation work GrahamTek was doing on the world’s four largest desalination plants.

“Based on the successes achieved with this work done‚ SWCC asked GrahamTek to design a modular desalination plant optimised for their local conditions. This resulted in the contract we received today‚” he said.

GrahamTek’s technology was ideally suited for the South African environment‚ said Steyn. “We are a proudly South African company and well positioned to provide solutions for the Cape Town water crisis.”

GrahamTek is also engaged with contracts in India and Ghana.