Cape Town gets tough with delinquent water users

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The City of Cape Town plans to install roughly 2 000 water management devices per week on properties of excessive users to force down consumption, mayoral committee Xanthea Limberg said on Monday.

In a statement, Limberg said the devices will only allow water consumption of 350l per day on the pre-identified properties.

In August, the City of Cape Town introduced level 5 water restrictions which seek to limit individual water consumption to 87l per day.

“The days are numbered for the delinquent water users,” Limberg said.

On Monday, citywide water consumption stood at 622 million litres per day, 122 million litres above the city’s target of 500 million litres per day.

On September 18, collective consumption stood at 624 million litres per day.

Limberg said drought is the city’s “new normal.

“We need the whole of society to stand with us and to help us to get through this drought, but also to start laying the building blocks for a more resilient city over our longer-term future,” she said.