Albert and Yvonne of Milnerton, who died in 2016, have new water meter

CAPE TOWN – A Milnerton man is furious with the City of Cape Town for “randomly” installing a water meter at the home of his late parents.

Gordon Langford, 59, says despite the property being vacant for more than two years and no water being used, the blue device was installed at the deceased couple’s Dreyer Street home this week. Neighbours got a fright on Monday when a City contractor showed up at the home of Albert and Yvonne Langford to install the new meter.

In June 2016, Albert was murdered in his home by an intruder and Yvonne, who was sickly, died a week later. The couple’s son, who does not live in the home, has with the help of neighbours ensured that it is secured while they wait for his father’s estate to be wound up.

“I never drink water or use the toilet so I don’t know how the City can install a water meter when it is supposed to be for high-consumption households,” says Gordon.

“When the neighbours questioned the guys, they told them the owner knew a new meter was being installed.

“I mean that is ludicrous, my father is dead, how could they have notified him?

“The bills clearly show that the water and sewerage charges are R0, so why was a meter put in? I am not paying the R4 500 they will now add to the bill [for the water meter].”

He showed the Daily Voice proof that there is no water charge on the account and says the old meter in the front yard is working. Mayco Member for Water and Waste Services, Xanthea Limberg, confirms a new meter was installed on the property but says this is part of the City’s plans to replace old infrastructure.

“While the old meter on the property was replaced with a WMD (Water Management Device), the resident will not be charged for this installation due to it being part of the standard meter replacement upgrade effort.

“Residents are only liable for the installation cost in the case of contravention notices. The previous meter was identified as being defective.”

But Gordon is now demanding the City prove the old meter was defective.

“If they have spoken with my late parents I would like to know how. The City must have a direct line to the afterlife,” he says.

“I demand the test results from them. They are bulls***ting and they know it.”


Daily Voice