City to amplify Cape Town’s standing as a globally competitive business destination

Patricia de Lille, the Mayor of Cape Town

Patricia de Lille, the Mayor of Cape Town, gives insight regarding the launch of a new initiative to make the ‘Mother City’ a competitive business destination.

“I must emphasise that in launching this initiative we are not looking at other South African cities as our competitors, but rather as being in a global race against other iconic cities in the world to attract key investment to our shores,” said de Lille.

De Lille states that it is the metro regions that drive the economic growth in South Africa, and that Cape Town has the second largest city economy behind Johannesburg.

She also mentioned and recognises that the city has specific influences in making this initiative work.

“I am aware that the city has a certain role to play in driving economic growth in our region, primarily through providing stable governance, delivery of infrastructure, and constantly finding ways of making it easier to do business.”

De Lille and Lance Greyling, Director for Trade and Investment, City of Cape Town emphasised how passionate they are about the initiative and why they believe in it.

“It is, in fact, one of the reasons why two-and-a-half years ago I established a Trade and Investment Department in my office, because I wanted investors to know that Cape Town is serious about attracting investment into our region and growing our economy,” said De Lille.

Cape Town is attracting thinkers, innovators and design-led entrepreneurs who are helping to build an ecosystem that is strong in many aspects of the knowledge economy, added Greyling.

“To SMMEs, Cape Town can be an African business hub where you can grow your business and turn your ideas into reality. To investors, Cape Town can be a high-performance African business hub that supports big ideas. To influencers, Cape Town can be a place where businesses of all sizes can turn their ideas into real value.”

“Let’s help grow this economy and attract more businesses that can create the much-needed jobs that our people require,” enthused the Mayor.