CT residents, businesses vow to stick to new water saving habits

Water saving - [Google Images]

Some Cape Town residents and businesses vow they’ve changed their water using habits for good.

Following good rainfall, the city’s average dam level has increased significantly.

Officials have, however, urged residents to continue saving water so that dam reserves can build up ahead of summer.

Cape Town’s average dam level has jumped to over 40%, while the level for the entire Western Cape stands at 31.5%.

Belhar-based carwash owner Hafsa Mohammed says despite this, they still run the business with borehole water and have implemented other water saving measures at home.

“We’re using a machine to wash the car because a machine cannot take a lot of water, but if you use a hosepipe it takes a lot of water.”

This Parow resident says her family is also exploring ways in which they can harvest as much rainwater as possible.

“We’ve got four tanks of which all the gutter water runs into, we use that for the watering of the gardens and so on. We’re also in the process of using recycled water in the house.”

Provincial officials say weather forecasts indicate more rain in the coming weeks.